Kiln dried Pine and Spruce Shavings

About Us

At Mountainview Eco-Products, we specialize in the recovery of sawmill waste. We take kiln dried softwood sawdust from the local mill, screen the material to remove debris and all of the dust, then the sifted wood shavings are  compressed into  bags. 

Our Products

We offer two excellent products  - Premium Screened Coarse (PSC) and Premium Screened Fine (PSF) wood shavings, and both products contain only 100% natural softwood, and are free of dust and debris. The bags are compressed to 3.0cu.ft, and expand roughly 3 times the compressed volume.

Our bags are  made from high quality recyclable plastic with a UV additive to prevent bag deterioration, and can be stacked in a variety of configurations depending on customer preference or how and where the product will be shipped. Pallets can also be wrapped and capped for outdoor storage and easy transportation.

Premium Screened Fines on the left - Premium Screened Coarse on the right

Our Facility

Our facility is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Western Alberta, with excellent highway access. We are positioned on a large lot ideal for loading any size of truck/trailer combination.


Wood shavings are an excellent choice in barns - they help to reduce the amount of bacteria and odor, as well as labor and maintenance costs by being more absorbent than traditional bedding. Our wood shavings are free of dust, a known carcinogen in animals, which make them safe for use indoors. Wood shavings are biodegradable and are environmentally friendly and are a cleaner alternative for animal bedding.


Wood shavings have also been used in a variety of other applications such as:

-Oil and Gas

-Mechanic Shops

-Environment and Reclamation

-Livestock transportation


No matter how much product, or how far it needs to travel, Mountainview Eco-Products has a solution for you. We are experienced in local short hauls, as well as international shipping with  a number of transportation and logistic personnel we work with daily, and can accommodate the most challenging deliveries.